Tree Preservation & Tree Support

Boone NC Tree Service Preservation Tree Care and Tree Support are our specialty at ArborCare Tree Service. We can correctly identify trees and properly prune taking special care to produce the right environment for tree support and growth. We monitor the elements such as the soil and take special care to use methods such as tree cabling, bracing, guying, and lightning protection. These methods involve the installation of hardware in trees and ensuring that trees receive the proper nutrition from the environment. Cabling and bracing in trees provides extra support by limiting the movement of limbs. They may reduce the risk of failure and extend the life of the tree. We can work with you to determine whether each special tree in your yard or landscaping project needs extra support and we are very knowledgeable about preserving all kinds of species of trees.

ArborCare Tree Service works within a 60 mile radius of Boone NC and the surrounding High Country area. Contact us to schedule a tree assessment for Preservation Tree Care and Tree Support on your property. In addition to tree preservation and support, ArborCare also provides a host of services including a Snow Removal Service in North Carolina, view enhancement, diagnosis of problems, emergency tree removal and storm restoration, preconstruction consulting, selective pruning, fertilization, plant healthcare, mulching, and Boone NC firewood for sale. Contact us to find out more about any of our services and service areas.